Installing a Door Swing

Of all the types of swings, a door mounted one is by far the easiest to install. This makes it an ideal choice for flat dwellers and travelers. Here is all it takes to install one.

Installing a door swing

Couple using a door swing after installation

To install your door swing, all you do is just put the tubes at the top of the straps over a door and close it. Simple and quick.

But to make things go well and not risk damage anything or hurt yourself, here are a couple of quick tips.

1 – Always install it on the inside of a door. The door should pull closed towards the side where you install it. Installing it in this way will ensure that the wood piece around the frame is securing the door in place all the way around and reduces the risk of bending or breaking it.
2 – If you have very cheap or lightweight doors, look for a better one to use. Most are sturdy enough to support a swing, but I have seen some very cheap ones that are basically made of cardboard and are so weak that just the act of having sex against it, you could put a knee or foot through the door.
3 – After closing the door with your swing in place, pull down on the straps so that the tube is pulled up snug against the back side of the door. Do this before putting a lot of weight in the swing.

As always, if you have any other sex swing related questions, let me know. If you have not purchased yours yet, you can shop all of our door sex swings.