If you are seeking sex with very deep penetration or with G-spot stimulation, there are a lot of recommended positions from all of the leading sources.

and many more.

There are a couple of things that stand out and a couple of things missing. First off, all of these recommend positions that cause your hips to roll back a little allowing your partners penis easier access to the G-spot. In all of these articles, this is achieved through either a pillow under your hips or your legs elevated very high. These positions roll your hips back creating intense experiences.

What all of these articles fail to mention is that these positions are perfect for sex swings and one of the things that they do best.

Hip Rotation in a Sex Swing

Swing Hip rotation for G-spot

Most sex swings, by design only have two main straps. One for your upper body and one for your hips. This design allows the hip strap to put upward pressure on your hips just like missionary position with a pillow under your hips. This hip rotation is what allows for easy G-spot stimulation.

Everyone is different. Some people like the swing strap lower on their butt and other closer to their lower back. There are no hard rules on how to use a swing, but for G-spot stimulation and deep penetration lower towards your butt will probably work best especially if you relax a little and let your back curve forward.

Legs High for Deep Penetration

Everyone knows legs up is a great position, and I love how the articles above are just like – hold your legs up. That is not easy to do while relaxing and keeping your hands free for bonus exploration. Well, sex swing always includes stirrups.  Stirrups are designed just for this purpose – hold your legs where you want so you can stay there with no extra effort.

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Most swings allow for an easy leg elevated positions such as the image above, but if you like your legs very high, nothing beats the Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing. The stirrups are adjustable higher and lower, but there are limits to how far they can be adjusted on most swings. The Screamer, however, is a little different. The stirrup straps are not permanently attached to the swing. This means that you can remove the straps and reattach them at any higher point on the chains or mounting system. Connecting them at different points gives you the ability to get your legs straight up. A great option for deep penetration and not available in other swings.

Control and comfort

In these two recommended positions, without a swing, to get the maximum benefit the man must be in a reasonably upright position. This creates a situation where the man must be sitting on his knees and leaning forward. Often supporting himself with his arms. Supporting himself this way can limit how comfortable the position is for him and make it more challenging to control depth and rhythm for more extended periods.

With a sex swing, this same position can be achieved with maximum control and very long and smooth rhythm. The swing also allows his hands to remain free for other activities.

Using your sex swing

If you are seeking deep penetration sex or just looking for some G-spot stimulation, a swing is an excellent place to start and we have the largest selection of sex swings.

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