As the largest seller of sex swings online, we thought it would be fun to start sorting through the millions of visitors and determine who is buying sex swings. We had suspected the usual groups, maybe the people in the north looking for things to keep them warm in the winter or maybe the repressed bible belt. We considered all the normal stereotypes and internet myths. But when we ran the actual data and placed it on a map, we could see no clear trend. There are some significant differences such as someone who lived in Georgia was 3 times as likely to search for a sex swing in the past 2 years as someone living in New Mexico, but there was no clear cut pattern.

which states are most likely to search for a sex swing

Then we noticed something…. Washington DC. When we first saw the numbers, we thought there was an error. Over millions of visits to our website, people from Washington DC are 5.7 times more likely to be searching for sex swings than any other state and 8.5 times more than the national average. And they did not stop at searching. They also spent money on sex swings at a rate 8 times the national average.

In fact, in Washington DC they search for sex swings so much, that if you narrow the population to only include those between ages of 18 and 65, we estimate that 1 in every 8 adults has searched for a sex swing within the last 2 years. Granted some people may have visited more than once, but based on our data and how often average visitors return to sites, that would not make a huge impact on these numbers.

So what are they actually doing in Washington? Let’s watch the cast of characters on CNN of Fox and try to guess which one of them is a swing user. Odds are pretty high there are a lot of them

Top and Bottom States

Beyond Washington DC, we did find some interesting things. Why is Georgia at the top? I thought that was a conservative state. Why is Hawaii near the bottom and Alaska near the top?

Top 5 (rate of searches in the last 2 years)

  • Washington DC 1 in 8
  • Georgia 1 in 46
  • Nebraska 1 in 48
  • Tennessee 1 in 49
  • Michigan 1 in 53

Bottom 5

  • New Mexico 1 in 140
  • Hawaii 1 in 125
  • Maryland 1 in 109
  • South Dakota 1 in 106
  • Delaware 1 in 106

One I found interesting was California coming in at #38. I always thought they were very liberal. Hippy and free love? Apparently not, or maybe they just choose to do it on the beach.

Ann Arbor MI – Swing Haven USA

To be fair, Washington DC is not really a state but a city. Yeah all the state lists include them, so we did as well, but it is a city. So how does it stack up against other cities? Well it is still right at the top, except for Ann Arbor MI. I do not know what they put in the water, or if it is just the students at the University of Michigan, but they take swinging to another level.

Running the same numbers as we did with the states, an astounding 1 in 3.8 adults in Ann Arbor searched for a sex swing in the last 2 years.

Just think about that for a minute. I know a lot of people say they would never use a swing. I know a lot of people will deny even thinking about it. But the reality is, if you are in Ann Arbor right now, look at your spouse and then look at the couple that lives across the street. The odds are that one of you has googled “sex swings” within the last 2 years.