Bear Hug

Bear Hug sex swing position

Bear Hug

Difficulty 5
  • Removable Straps
The bear hug is based on iconic fantasy sex positions made popular in movies where the man swoops the girl up in his arms and makes love to her as he holds her. Of course, as soon as you try to lift her up you realize that holding her and then being able to get it in and move... and do it for more than 6 seconds is a whole different story. So this position normally remains for fantasies and the movies. But, a sex swing can make this incredibly close, romantic position a reality. You will want a swing with removeable straps and most likely just use the stirrups high up on her thighs to support the majority of her weight changing this sex position from mission impossible to possibly one of your favorites.
Compatible Swings

These swings can do this position out of the box.

Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing
NZD $347.12
Screamer Twist
NZD $451.78
Wild Side Sex Swing
NZD $172.69
Screamer Ultimate Kit
NZD $626.21
Screamer Bondage Swing
NZD $521.55
Possible Swings

These swings need additional accessories for this position.