The Plunger

The Plunger Bondage Swing Position

The Plunger

Difficulty 5
  • Bondage Cuffs
  • Screamer Stand
This is a great position if you like to play a little rough. This was built for bondage swings, but remember, cuffs can be added to any swing. In this image we show it using the Screamer Stand where the cuffs can be tied to the bondage points on the stand giving a spread eagle pose.
Compatible Swings

These swings can do this position out of the box.

Possible Swings

These swings need additional accessories for this position.

Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing
NZD $347.12
Screamer Twist
NZD $451.78
Wild Side Sex Swing
NZD $172.69
Screamer Ultimate Kit
NZD $626.21
Trinity 360
NZD $273.86
Screamer Bondage Swing
NZD $521.55
Fetish Yoga Swing
NZD $399.45